Thank you for your interest in using MACC’s On-bill Ad Service. To submit an ad for inclusion on your company’s bills, please complete the form below. There are several important notes to remember regarding MACC’s On-Bill Ad Service.

Requesting On-Bill Ads

  • An ad must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the bill on which it is to be used
  • You will have an opportunity to review and approve each ad before it is used
  • Approval of the ad is needed by the 15th day of the month in advance of the billing month
  • In addition to notifying us of the ad(s), you will also need to assign each ad a priority number. This number will be linked to the ad(s) in Customer Master to ensure the right customers see it. It will work much like the current bill insert process and its use of trays to assign which customers receive an insert. Your Software Support Representative will assist you with setting up your criteria and linking the ad(s).

Approving the Ads

Once we’ve received a signed proposal and you’ve made arrangements for the ad(s)’s artwork, we will send you a pdf proof of how the ad(s) will look for you to approve. Once you approve the ad(s), we will move them into a folder on our network at MACC where they will be “pulled” for use on your bills. An important note is that ads must be approved before the next step, which is configuring Customer Master for their use. The ads will also be saved for use in future months.

Configuring the ad in Customer Master

Once your company is upgraded to Customer Master 13.2, you will have the ability to place up to five different ads on each month’s statements. The ads can be displayed on specificed statements based on criteria in Customer Master such as, location, included/excluded USP codes, business/residential, etc. Just like the insert or bill message process, each on-bill ad will need to have criteria established for it in Customer Master. The criteria will then be linked to the priority number you assigned to each ad. Please note that only one ad can appear on a statement and is dependent upon the criteria you set up in Customer Master. Once the configuration step is complete, and your billing is transmitted to MACC, the on-bill ad process is complete for the month.

This new procedure does have a few more steps than before, but we’ll help make sure everything is set up correctly by having your MACC Software Support Representative contact you each time you have an on-bill ad. He or she will review your Customer Master settings to make sure everything is configured properly.

An important note regarding on-bill ads

If your company prints your deliquent notices on the face page of your bill, the delinquent notice will always take priority over your on-bill ad. On-bill ads will automatically replace any face page messages set-up on your bills. If you have a face page message and you would like it to remain on your bills, the message can be moved to the bill’s first details page. For assistance with this task, please contact your company’s Software Support Representative.

On-Bill Ad Pricing

We have simplified our pricing for on-bill ads with two tiers.

  • Tier One – 12 month plan – The first ad each month is $75 and subsequent ads are $50 each. You must sign a proposal for a year’s worth of ads to receive this price.
  • Tier Two – Pay as you go plan – The first ad is $125 and subsequent ads are $100 each.

View our ad gallery

MACC has a gallery of on-bill ads for your company to use. They can be customized for your company easily at no extra cost. Follow this link to view the gallery in the MACC Client Pages and receive instructions on using the gallery ads.

Submitting your own artwork?

If you’re submitting your own artwork please make sure to follow these specifications:

Dimensions – 3.5 inches wide by 2.25 inches high
Resolution – 300 dpi
Color – Grayscale
Acceptable File Types – JPG, TIF, PDF, BMP, EPS, AI, PSD, or CDR
Additional Information – Large areas of solid black should be avoided in the ad

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